The Process

So this is how it works. To see what’s included in the plan in terms of content check here. To arrange an initial, no-strings consultation contact us.

Get your professionally written business plan in 6 easy steps;

Step 1. Initial Consultation.

Speak to one of our dedicated account managers who will get a great understanding of you, your business and your objectives. This conversation is informal, also allowing you to ask us questions to determine our suitability to execute your requirements effectively. We want our clients to be absolutely certain that we are the right people to work with them.

Step 2. The Questionnaire.

The questionnaire is a document that your account manager will forward to you. It contains a set of questions that will ultimately form the basis of your plan. We ask our clients to answer the questions in as much detail and clarity as possible. Of course as the plan is being researched and written other questions will undoubtedly arise, but we’ve found over the years the questionnaire prepares the foundations required. More bespoke questions, usually revolving around a client’s finances, are asked at a later stage. These typically aren’t included in the questionnaire as each client’s circumstance are different to the last.

Step 3. Confirmation.

Here, your account manager will confirm their understanding of your requirements, and re-confirm our obligations to you. It’s at this point our service agreement and invoice for fee will be raised and issued, and payment will be required. As we specialise in start-up businesses (we qualify “start-up” as a business trading less than 2 years OR with an annual revenue of less than £1,000,000) our fees are among the most cost effective in the market. Unlike others that operate a (“Fees From…”), ours is fixed at just £685. No hidden charges. £685 all in. Plus, all new clients can have a basic, 4 page starter website included for free.

The fee is split, with 50% payable in advance and the balance due on receipt of the finished document.

Step 4. Our experts get going.

At this point we have the majority of the information we need, so your account manager will liaise with their dedicated researchers and writers and begin crafting the perfect plan for your needs. You will have one point of contact throughout the entire process, meaning your account manager will be in a position where they really understand you and what’s motivating you, and where you want to be.

Step 5. Presentation of 1st Draft.

By this point we’re approximately 7-10 days after Step 4. Much of this time has been spent vigorously researching your target market place, including competition, customers, opportunities and so forth. At this point we think it’s ready to go, but of course we encourage our client’s feedback, so we open up the floor. We’ll show you what we’ve done, and ask you to cast your eye over our work.

This is the point where we will make any additions or subtractions, or any amendments that you require. It is crucial to us that we manage and exceed your expectations, so you need to tell us if you want something changed, no matter how slight or trivial it may seem.

62% of our business comes from referral, and that’s because we get it right. 

If you’re happy, or when we’ve made amendments based on your feedback, we progress to the next step. But only when you’re 100% satisfied.

Step 6. Sign Off.

We have successfully researched, developed, created and crafted the perfect plan that will allow you to reach your objectives. We have liaised, communicated and worked with you to get to this stage. You will have had exemplary service, by passionate people leaving you more than happy with our work and confident in your endeavours.

Now, you need to sign off on the work and the experience as a whole. We’d ask that you write us a testimonial to appear on the “Testimonials” page, and bare us in mind for anyone you know of that might need a similar service to the one you’ve received.

We will present you with your finished plan in various formats, and we’ll be able to refer you to partners in our network for any other start-up related queries you may have.

And that’s that. Easy, straight forward, cost effective.